Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey All
Hey one and all it is so good to be back. I’m finely back posting I was having some problems signing in but I got that all fixed up. I had a good summer and I wish it was not over and a big thanks goes out to my friends Steve and Caron over at vomitcomet.blogspot.com if you have not checked them out I strongly suggest you do. They rock. I will be competing in a bench press competition on October 18 in bell river if you are in the airy a come and check it out there will be some serious weight being lifted. I’m hoping to hit some personal bests. Has anyone heard of a company called ACn? Well this is a company that sells internet and phone packages and also they have just started selling video phones it is suppose to be the next big thing. If anyone is interested about it email me at sbdbeast@mnsi.net and I will tell you more about it or I can also help you get involved with them. Well I’m getting really excited two big things are coming up one is hockey is starting up again. And the second thing that is coming up is the big UFC fight with Brock Lesner and Randy Couture. I cannot wait it is going to be a barn burner. I think Randy will win though because he has a lot more experience than Brock. But you never know because Brock is just a monster. But my pick is Randy and to top it all off Halloween is coming up as well trick or treat. I love it and this year I’m going to make it out to a good bar and celebrate. You know I’m really disappointed with the CNIB’s Canadian Nashanal Instatute For The Blind I bought a talking watch from them and the freaking thing stopped working 20 minutes after I got it. So than they send me another one and it breaks a few weeks after. I have to say you suck Cnib and it just seems like the whole organization is going down the crapper. Maybe I’m being too hard on them but that watch thing just really pissed me off. Maybe they will get their act together some day I hope. Well that is it for me for now keep your stick on the ice and your hands in the air and keep on rock


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

God smack
Hello folks I know it has been a while since I have posted anything but hear we go. So it is time for you to brake out your guitars and drums because it is time to rock again. I’m going to tell you about my experiences at the God smack concert that I went to this last Friday in Detroit rock city. Also performing at the concert was Shine down and Rob Zombie. We missed out on Shine down but more on that later. The Evening started out with me waiting for my friend to pick me up I told him to be at my house at quarter after five he is late where could he be? I call him he says he is on the way. Well he shows up at my place at quarter to six. He is always late for everything I even tell him an early time to be at my house so that he will be on time. We get across the border fine and it is smooth sailing in till we hit traffic right by the concert hall. We go at a snails pace starting and stopping every few seconds. I’m getting flustered at this point. I thought we would get there in time to catch Shine down but we just miss them. I was quite disappointed about that. I really wanted to see them. They should have gave them more time and less time to Rob Zombie but oh well I know that they will be back around so next time I will see them. By this point I’m kind of feeling down but than we get to our seats just as Rob is starting and something about the music really got me in to the rocking mood. He was a lot better than what I expected. They had some real good solos in the songs. So than Rob is dun his set and I have to take a wiz at this point, oh yah one more thing they told me to be careful when we got in the door that kind of got on my nerves a little, what’s that supposed to mean? I’m going to act they way I act at any concert I’m going to sing clap my hands scream real loud which I did but I am not the kind of guy that likes to cause trouble oh well. I guess that is what they say to you when you cannot see to well. So we are heading to the can and it is really crowded and every one is kind of shoving and trine to get threw. This really gets on my nerves Like I know every one wants to get to where they’re going but come on guys lets learn a little patients this is how people get killed at concerts lets think about other people for a change and not just our own selfish needs. So we get back to our seats just in time for God smack with a beer as well and from hear on in everything is just magic God smack is ausem If you are a rock fan I really recommend you going to see them. They did a half an hour encore it was freaking ausem this is my second time seeing them and the other show was a little different experience but these guys rock the house down every time. You know music really makes life worth living and it seems like when you are at a good show nothing else really matters all those crappie times in your life and short comings just seem to fade away. Lets write the bad times in the sand and let the rain wash them away and let’s write the good times in marble and put them on display. Keep on rocking and let’s be cool to each other.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well it is play off time again we are almost in the third round. I’m a little disappointed with the second round but oh well. I’m just glad to be watching NHL play off hockey. Last year at this time there was no NHL hockey. You know I treally like a lot of the new rule changes. But the one thing that they have to fix for next season is the schedule and maybe some of the divisions. When Detroit plays Nashville like six times and they do not play Toronto once there is something wrong. I know they want to make new rivalries but I think every team should have to play each other at least once if not twice a season. I really hope this is the year that Canada brings the cup home to where it belongs. It has been way to bloody long go Edmonton.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Power Of Music
You know it is really amazing how powerful music can be. Music can put a smile on your face or make you cry and bring you to your knees it just hits home some times. Music has got me through some tough times. It got me through those times when I wanted to kill my self and it got me threw those times where I wanted to kill others. I think music is vary important thing and I think it is an ausem gift from god or whom ever you believe in. Music has also been there for the good times as well. I have a lot of really good memories in some songs and whenever I hear those songs It makes me smile and remember those good crazy times. The one thing I hate about music is when a band takes a good song and remixes it and it sounds like the song is being played on a c d player and it is skipping. I do not hate remixes I just hate really bad remixes some remixes sound cool and some times I like the remake even better than the erigeanal. Another thing I hate is when they take a song that is kind of a dance song and remix it even more that just drives me insane. I’m glad I lost my vision and not my hearing. Because if I lost my hearing I would not be able to enjoy life as much. Tomorrow I’m heading out to B C for the nationals for power lifting. I think it will go well. I’m not sure when I will write again but hope fully it will be sooner than later. It seems like I’m going threw a bit of a journey lately and it seems like I have turned a corner in my life well in till next time lets take care of each other remember your actions effect other people.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back from holidays
Hello every one happy new year. I hope the New Year will bring every one prosperity and joy and piece. I’m back from Germany I had a real nice time. The trip started out kind of rough. We flew from Detroit to Paris to Stuttgart and on the way back we flew from Stuttgart to Frankfort to Detroit. The trip started out rough because our plain was delayed an hour and they lost our luggage because by the time we got to France our connecting plain was already leaving. But than we got our luggage the next day. Plus I had to sit next to a grump but I do not blame him for being upset his plain was also delayed for some stupid reason plus he had to sit next to me and I’m kind of a big guy we were kind of crammed in their. But when we got there it was a really good time. Hear are some of the high lights. Lots of good food and good beer. It was nice to see all my relatives that I do not see too often. Maybe every couple of years if I’m lucky so that was real nice. We did lots of hiking. It was cool to walk with my Uncle and his dog that dog is amayseing. Oh yah I love dogs if you cannot tell. My Uncle was showing off too some of his friends and he told Sammy that the dog to clime a twenty foot latter and he thought he would only come up the latter a little way but Same climbed the whole latter and my uncle had to carry him down. Another high light of the trip was going to this cool water park that had this cool white water slide that was wiled and crazy and so much fun fore sure. My only complaint about the trip was that it seemed we were a little rushed this time we could have used a couple more days. The weather was mild when we got there and as the trip progressed it got colder. Also on the way back it was a little rushed we almost missed our connecting flight because we were delayed because there was a snowstorm when we were leaving. But we just made our other flight just in time. To be honest I would have not minded if we would have missed it then we would have had an exter day but oh well. Now that the trip is over even though I was a little sad to leave I’m looking forward to the next time I go over to the old country now it is back to reality. On the way back on the plain they showed two movies the first one I’m not sure what it was called I kind of liked it and I kind of hated it. It was kind of a chick flick. The second movie that was shown was the remake of Charley and the Chocolate factory. Now first of all it seams like there is way to many remakes lately are they running out of ideas? Or is it that the original movies just are not hip enough? Now some remakes are kind of cool like that King Kong remake looks pretty good but I have not seen it yet but I hope too. But for the most part remakes suck in my own opinion. Seconding of all to fill Martin Shorts shoes is a big thing to do and Johnny Depths feet are not big enough to fill those shoes. I’m not saying he is a bad actor it is just that he does not fit this part. All of the other actors did a real good job I thought it was just Johnny did not cut it. Another thing I did not like about the remake is that not once did they play the ompa lompa song and that really bugged me I mean I was waiting in anticipation for that bloody song and they did not have it once bloody hell. Also I’m not sure but I think they changed the ending a little but I’m not sure so I’m going to try and rent the original to find out. I’d probley give it a 6 out of 10 it does not come close to being as good of the araganle but it has its moments. Another movie I saw recently in the theater was Fun with Dick and Jane. It was okay but not as good as Jim Carey’s past movies. It was funny but something was missing from this film I’m not sure what that was and I’d probable give this one 7 out of 10 well in till next time folks I’m back piece out and rock on and remember limitation are only self imposed. Tune in next time same bat channel same bat time.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It’s been a while
Hello everyone and happy New Year. I’m sorry I have not writing in over half a year. I just have not either have the time or the energy to write the last few months have been kind of stressful for me. I thought I would talk about some of the things that have been aggravating me lately. The first thing that bothers me is when you go to a store and you are looking for something like a watch and they tell you we do not have it but check next week and you keep calling and they keep saying the same thing and then they tell you that they do not know when they will be getting the idem in why do they not just say that in the first place. The next thing that bothers me is when you see something on TV. On a commercial like a new soft drink or something like that and then you go to the store and they do not have it. Now I know I live in a border city and some times the states have things we do not. But this also happened to me once over they’re too. Another thing that bothers me is when the wwe has stupid matches like the Hurricane verses Jerry Lawler and what ever happened to Edges money in the bank title shot did he use it or what? does any one know? And if he has not than that aggravates me too. Also it aggravates me when the wwe does things like when you think a wrestler is searesly injured and he comes back the next week. Come on guys Wrestling fans are not brain dead inbreed hicks. Well most of them are not. The last thing that aggravates me is that when the movie theaters or a music band gets mad at you for down loading there entertainment. Some people say it should be a crime to down load entertainment well I think it should be a crime to charge so much to see a movie or to buy a cd. It seems like the price of cds are going up or maybe it is just me being frugal but it seems like the last couple of cds I bout were kind of expensive. Well that’s is enough ranting and raving for the time being. My new years resolution is to write on a more consistent bases on this sight I apologize for this sight not being as consistent as other sights. I’m heading off to Germany tomorrow with my dad for a week and a half so after that maybe I can start writing more. Piece out and remember we are hear for a good time not for a long time. Friends and family are one of the most important parts of life. Nothing exists on its own and I hope this year will be better than the last for every one.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

My condolences go out to the families and people of London England. A couple of days ago there were a bombing in England, as every one probably knows about. A bus and the sub way train were bombed and about fifty people died and a lot of people were injured. This attack probley has something to do with Alkidi or how ever you say that Middle East extremist group. Well I have to say I’m sick of these stupid cowards. They want to put fear in to us and some times it works but do not be afraid. Because if you give in to fear they win and that is not cool. They say the reason they are doing all this stupid stuff is because of religious beliefs but that is not true. They have got it all wrong no religion no matter what it is Islam or Buddhism or even Christianity teaches to bomb people because they do not believe what you do. I think it all has to do, with politicks and with every thing else in life it comes back to money. Which really sucks. It is a real shame that an innocent person doing no wrong just living their life has to die because some retard does not agree with
president Bush or Prime Minister Blair. I do not agree with a lot of things Bush does and to be honest I really do not care for him but that does not mean I’m going to go out and blow up the white house or a bus or one of the sub wy trains. Some times I wonder how much the government even cares about us it seems like the only thing they care about is the dollar signs and taking a way our freedoms because of these stupid groups. Some times I wonder if the government lets this kind of thing happen just for those reasons. But it is not cool to think negative like that so I will try and not to think that. It is these groups that give decent Arab people a bad name. Because of these groups we think all Middle Eastern people like this and they are all bad people, which is not true I have met a lot of good Middle Eastern people. The same can be said about American people a lot of country does not like them and they think they all are ass holes, which is not true. I know this because a lot of them come to Windsor and cause trouble and give American people a bad reputation but like every other country in this world there are good people and bad people in every country and one country does not have more good or bad people in it. It is to bad that a couple bad apples have to roon the whole bunch. So next time you think America or arack is full of ass holes just remember the whole world has ass holes in it it is not just one country. Also I can not stress this enough do not be afraid that is what they want you to do, don’t let propaganda control you speak out fight the power with love and unity turn a dark night in to a bright sunny day and may the sun shine on your shoulders.